Trypraying is an invitation to start a conversation with God – over seven days.

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is a unique challenge.

It’s a seven-day guide to help you get started on the journey of a lifetime.

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Anyone There?

Imagine a conversation between twins in the womb. Stupid Idea, because they can’t talk. But go with it. One says, ‘We’ve got a mother who has made us and is all around us. One day we will meet her.’ The other says, ‘There’s nothing outside this life. We’ve got all we need. I’m not so sure about this idea of a mother. There is nothing more than we can see here. I find the idea of having ‘a mother’ rather unscientific; amusing in fact.’

The truth is God is all around us. We can reach out and find him because, in fact, he is not far from anyone.



Before you continue, why not try praying. Use your own words, or you could say:

‘God, if you are there – and I am not sure you are – but if you are, I want to know you. I don’t want to fool myself; I really want to know you. So as I pray this week, please make yourself known to me.’




People often struggle to find God in their lives, but the truth is he’s all around us. We can reach out and find him because, in fact, he is not far from anyone. God is interested in us and we are in some way made like him – in his image. It makes knowing him a genuine option.

Jesus said, ‘Everything is possible for one who believes.’ Ask God to help you believe:

‘God, it feels a bit strange talking to you, but I’m giving it a go. Perhaps you are closer than I think. If that’s true then I’m not going to ask for a sign, but I am going to ask you to remove anything that stops me from seeing you.’




Even with a full life we can feel empty. Some people face health scares, get stressed about money or worry about relationships. Others suffer from depression. Whatever it is, you know you could do with some help. God is good and often meets us when we reach out to him.

Georgia here has quite a story…



Most people have  a ‘big issue?’ Is there something in your life in which you need God to make a difference.  You can pray about it. You could write it down or text it to yourself and pray about it  every day.

See what happens.

You have done a little exploration. Now you can get the full thing.

The trypraying booklet and app have been used by hundreds of thousands of people. They help people get started on a journey of faith.  You can read the booklet for free or order a booklet to be sent to you – or to a friend from you. We will post it. (The links below take you to our resources site).

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The trypraying booklet is a 7-day guide to help get you started on a journey of faith.  It contains stories of answered prayer, ideas of things to do, important themes about how to connect with God and honest prayers.

Each day is composed of four parts:

Read something to get you thinking
Read a short story of someone sharing how prayer worked in their life
Think about some wise words
Pray – speaking to God.

There is a place to write your Big Issue. A place where some common questions are answered, and some bright ideas that might help you to try praying. You can also contact us at trypraying for help.


The trypraying booklet is a 7 day prayer guide for those who are not religious. Get one to carry with you.



Download the app for the full version of the 7 day journey and the best news, it’s multi platform, so you can download it for Apple, Android and Windows devices.